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What Is Darwin (and How It Powers Mac OS X) (13 tags)
Darwin provides the underlying foundation for Mac OS X. In this article, Matthew Russell takes you to the core of Apple's OS and explains how it powers your Mac.

Managing Packages on Panther with DarwinPorts (3 tags)
Mac OS X is rich in packaging options. One popular choice is the Debian-based Fink package management system. But another excellent option is DarwinPorts, which is explained in this article, written by the coauthor of Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks.

A Survey of Open Source Apps Available for Mac OS X (2 tags)
Mac OS X has certainly benefited from open source software--both inside the OS itself and running on top of the platform. In this article, John Littler surveys standalone apps and package systems to provide you with an overview of open source software for your Mac.

Installing Fink on Mac OS X (2 tags)
The Fink project aims to port Unix software to Mac OS X and make it easy to install. In this article, Koen Vervloesem shows you the ins and outs of Fink, with some info about how it compares to DarwinPorts, another package management system for Mac OS X.

Mac Security: Identifying Changes to the File System (2 tags)
Black-hat hackers often use a bundle of tools called a rootkit to secure access to your machine and cover their tracks. When working on your computer, they need to store files and be sure that you will not stumble across them and get suspicious. Peter Hickman explains how this works.