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Top Ten Data Crunching Tips and Tricks (39 tags)
Every day, programmers perform unglamorous but necessary data crunching: recycling legacy data, checking configuration files, yanking data out of web server logs, and more. Knowing how to crunch data with the least amount of effort can make the difference between meeting a deadline and making another pot of coffee. Greg Wilson, author of Pragmatic's Data Crunching, offers ten tips for crunch time.

Data Munging with Sprog (7 tags)
Sprog is a graphical programming environment written in Perl, programmable by connecting components visually and setting their properties. Sure, you've heard that promise before--but Grant McLean demonstrates how to retrieve and munge tabular data from a web page into LDIF files without writing a lick of code.

Query Census Data with RDF (6 tags)
In his second Hacking Congress column, Joshua Tauberer shows us how to query open data from the U.S. Census Bureau using RDF and Python's RDFLib.

Massive Data Aggregation with Perl (5 tags)
What do you do if you have a huge array of disparate data sources from which to collect and present data in multiple formats? First, reach for Perl. Then...good question. Fred Moyer explains how his team designed and built a system to aggregate and present huge amounts of data with Perl.

Screenscraping the Senate (2 tags)
In Paul Ford's first Hacking Congress column, he shows us how to turn information on the U.S. Senate site into RDF.