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Going Native: Making the Case for XML Databases (8 tags)
Ronald Bourret, acknowledged XML database expert, begins a three-part series which makes the case for native XML databases.

How to Misuse SQL's FROM Clause (5 tags)
Many SQL queries misuse their FROM clauses. Misuse them? That's right. Stéphane Faroult explains this common mistake and demonstrates how two types of subqueries can improve performance and reliability.

Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication (4 tags)
One of the difficulties with a large and active MySQL database is making clean backups without having to bring the server down. A simple method to ensure reliable backups is to set up replication for MySQL. Russell Dyer, author of MySQL in a Nutshell, walks through the process of using replication for data backups.

An Interview with Chris Date (4 tags)
Tony Williams conducted this interview with Chris Date shortly after the release of his new book, Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners, from O'Reilly. In this extensive conversation, Chris debunks a lot of wrong information on "weaknesses of the relational model"; discusses the impact of his classic book, The Third Manifesto, with Hugh Darwen; evaluates the future of SQL as well as his past comments on the language; and closes with his thoughts on the future of DBMSs.

Dreaming of an Atom Store: A Database for the Web (3 tags)
In this month's The Restful Web column, Joe Gregorio draws together some disparate threads into a single, exciting idea: the Atom Store.