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Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication (18 tags)
One of the difficulties with a large and active MySQL database is making clean backups without having to bring the server down. A simple method to ensure reliable backups is to set up replication for MySQL. Russell Dyer, author of MySQL in a Nutshell, walks through the process of using replication for data backups.

Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer (6 tags)
It's 2005 and you're using Eclipse. Should you still be creating your database tables and seeding them with data by hand, from an SQL command-line utility? Deepak Vohra introduces the SQLExplorer plugin for Eclipse, which allows you to put a GUI on your development-time database access.

Going Native: Making the Case for XML Databases (6 tags)
Ronald Bourret, acknowledged XML database expert, begins a three-part series which makes the case for native XML databases.

Berkeley DB XML: An Embedded XML Database (5 tags)
Paul Ford introduces Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML database, an XML-aware version of the popular Berkeley DB libraries, embedded in many software products.

Introducing Slony (4 tags)
Slony is an experimental new feature intended to introduce powerful replication to PostgreSQL. It's a complicated problem, though. Elein Mustain introduces the Slony project, its aims, and the goals of Slony-I, the first milestone.