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An Introduction to Test::MockDBI (12 tags)
It is a sweet and fitting thing to test your code, but if you're working with non-Perl, you'll likely run into difficult situations. For example, how do you force a database connection failure to test that you can recover? Mark Leighton Fisher has an answer: mock up the database. He explains the design, goals, and use of Test::MockDBI.

A Short Guide to DBI (9 tags)
Here's how to get started using SQL and SQL-driven databases from Perl.

Class::DBI (3 tags)
Tony Bowden introduces a brilliantly simple way to interface to a relational database using Perl classes and the Class::DBI module

How to Avoid Writing Code (2 tags)
One of the most boring programming tasks in the world has to be pulling data out of a database and displaying it on a web site. Yet it's also one of the most ubiquitous. Kake Pugh shows us an easier way to do it, with Class::DBI and the Template Toolkit.

DBI is OK (2 tags)
chromatic makes a case for using DBI and shows how it works well in the same situations as DBIx::Recordset.