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Interactive Debugging in Python (95 tags)
Debugging with print statements is alive and well. It's not the only way to do it, though. Python has a powerful interactive debugger that can let you get to the heart of your problem faster and more easily--if you know how to use it. Jeremy Jones shows off the features you absolutely must know.

Unraveling Code with the Debugger (12 tags)
Reading other people's code can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what happens when and where. Understanding code flow is vital to maintenance and bug fixes, but littering code with print and debugging statements is tedious and prone to error. There's another way: use the debugger! Daniel Allen demonstrates how to pinpoint a problem with Perl's debugger.

Inside Class Loaders: Debugging (7 tags)
Andreas Schaefer continues his examination of class loading in Java with a look at what can cause problems in advance class-loading scenarios and how to patch class loaders to help debug the problem.

Configuring Eclipse for Remote Debugging (7 tags)
Debugging a server-side application? You probably don't want to dig through the log files and wonder what happened. Instead, you can run your server application in debug mode and attach to it with Eclipse, bringing the IDE's powerful debugger to bear on the remote application.

Debugging and Profiling mod_perl Applications (5 tags)
How do you use the debugger on a mod_perl application? How do you profile an application embedded in a web server, with multiple child processes? Don't worry. Where there's Perl, there's a way. Frank Wiles demonstrates how to debug and profile mod_perl applications.