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Introducing (134 tags)
Matt Biddulph introduces, the social bookmarks manager, by showing us how to interact with it programmatically via Python.

So! Intelligent Tagging for the Mac User (9 tags)
It's time to learn about, a glorious, minimalist, tag-tastic bookmarks database. It was designed to be a "large-scale outboard memory," with added sharing smarts. It works like this: you take all your digital stuff and throw it into your account. Thanks to tagging and searching, you can find your stuff easily later. And you can find other people's stuff, too. Giles Turnbull shows you how.

Show Me the Code (5 tags)
Joe Gregorio returns with another Restful Web column, taking up the issue of designing a REST protocol for your application.

Audio Linkblogging (2 tags)
Jon Udell experiments with audio linkblogging in his latest column (a follow up to his MP3 Sound Bites article) to show how he creates a sound-bite podcast of interesting quotes from his collection of online audio programs and interviews.