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Building a Desktop Firewall (17 tags)
By now, many internet users know that they need a firewall to protect their computers while they're online. Knowing that doesn't convey the knowledge of how to create and maintain a firewall. A nice GUI firewall builder called fwbuilder makes it possible to set up a working firewall in ten minutes--on Linux, *BSD, and Mac OS X. Dru Lavigne shows how it works on FreeBSD.

Google Your Desktop (9 tags)
Google your desktop and the rest of your file system, mailbox and instant messenger conversations--even your browser cache. The Google Desktop is your own private little Google server.

Writing Google Desktop Search Plugins (5 tags)
Google recently released the source code of Kongulo, a plugin for the Google Desktop Search utility. Kongulo is useful on its own, but it's even better as an example of how to write your own plugins for GDS. Jeremy Jones explores the code and explains how it interacts with GDS.

What Is the Linux Desktop (4 tags)
Much has been made of predictions about the "year of the Linux desktop," but what is the Linux desktop, why should we use it, and why should you care? Jono Bacon takes a look at development of the Linux desktop, from its roots to its apps to its future prospects. Jono is the author of Linux Desktop Hacks.

Juggle Your Java with JDistro (2 tags)
Typically, one Java application will live in its own virtual machine, but this is neither required nor necessarily desirable. JDistro, a multitasking Java application, makes it possible to run applications, applets, and more, all inside of one process. Howard Wen interviewed creators Guillaume Desnoix and Gérard Collin to find out how it works.