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Extending Struts (2 tags)
With so many web application frameworks available, there's little point reinventing the wheel, especially when Struts offers remarkable extensibility. Sunil Patil introduces the three basic means of extending Struts to achieve custom web application behavior.

Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions (2 tags)
For many programmers, writing regular expressions is a black art. They stick to the features they know and hope for the best. Tony Stubblebine, author of Regular Expression Pocket Reference, says programmers can avoid a lot of trial and error by adopting these five habits for regular expression development. The code examples in this article use Perl, PHP, and Python, but the advice Tony espouses is applicable to nearly any regex implementation.

Converting from CVS to Subversion with cvs2svn (2 tags)
With cvs2svn, you can easily migrate all the data out of your CVS repository when you move to Subversion. Brian Fitzpatrick walks through the conversion process--from deciding how much data to take with you, to prepping your data, to reviewing the most common options you'll use. If you're in Europe later this month, Brian will be tackling how to use Subversion in open source development at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON.