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Rethinking Community Documentation (4 tags)
Good documentation makes good software great. Poor documentation makes great software less useful. What is good documentation, though, and how can communities produce it effectively? Andy Oram explores how free and open source software projects can share their knowledge with users and how publishers and editors fit into the future of documentation.

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser (2 tags)
WebKit is a fully functional set of web browsing components that developers can integrate into their Cocoa/Carbon applications. Andrew Anderson shows you how to get your hands dirty with this easy-to-use API.

Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance (2 tags)
Bruce Tate has a knack for identifying successful technologies. He was one of the early developers who identified the emergence of the Spring framework; he predicted the demise of EJB 2 technologies a full year before the EJB 3 expert group abandoned the older approaches. In his new book, Beyond Java, Bruce looks at four languages and technologies that may challenge Java's dominance in some development niches.