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Very Dynamic Web Interfaces (82 tags)
Drew McLellan explains how to use XMLHTTPRequest and Javascript to create web applications with very dynamic, smooth interfaces.

A Simpler Ajax Path (27 tags)
After years of hacks, tricks, and workarounds, there's finally a cross-browser, cross-platform way to communicate between client and server in web applications. Matthew Eernisse demonstrates how to send and receive structured data with XMLHttpRequest and shows off some tricks to make debugging and error handling easier.

Dynamic HTML Tables: Improving Performance (25 tags)
The widespread browser adoption of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) and other de facto standards have given developers many ways to repopulate a table. So what's the best approach? Danny Goodman, author of JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, investigates this issue in search of the most efficient techniques for maximizing table-modification code performance. Some of his findings may surprise you.

Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript (18 tags)
When users navigate a long document and encounter an internal link that jumps to another location in that same document, it often leads to confusion: are they on the same page, or a different page? Stuart Langridge, author of DHTML Utopia (SitePoint), provides the answer to this problem. Using JavaScript, Stuart shows how to make links scroll through the document to the linked location rather than jumping straight there.

Ajax on Rails (15 tags)
XMLHttpRequest and Ruby on Rails are two hot topics in web development. As you ought to expect by now, they work really well together. Curt Hibbs explains the minimal Ajax you need to know and the minimal Ruby you need to write to Ajax-ify your Rails applications.