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Very Dynamic Web Interfaces (28 tags)
Drew McLellan explains how to use XMLHTTPRequest and Javascript to create web applications with very dynamic, smooth interfaces.

Dynamic Content with DOM-2 (Part I of II) (24 tags)
The DOM-2 is supported in both Mac IE5 and NS6, and it provides an interface that enables developers to generate dynamic content without being limited to JavaScript trickery. This article explores some of the basic functionality of DOM-2.

Dynamic HTML Tables: Improving Performance (13 tags)
The widespread browser adoption of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) and other de facto standards have given developers many ways to repopulate a table. So what's the best approach? Danny Goodman, author of JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, investigates this issue in search of the most efficient techniques for maximizing table-modification code performance. Some of his findings may surprise you.

Sarissa to the Rescue (8 tags)
Want to build very dynamic web interfaces like Google? Then you'll need to manage cross-browser XML compatability issues. And you'll need Sarissa.

Processing XML with Xerces and the DOM (8 tags)
It's rare to write an application these days and not run into the use of XML as a data interchange format. Perl, Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP all have good XML processing libraries. Where's the love for C++ applications? It's in Xerces, a capable and open source library. Ethan McCallum shows how to use Xerces and C++ to process, manipulate, search, and write valid XML.