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Calculating the True Price of Software (38 tags)
Businesses have long viewed support and maintenance as essential components of software. Open source business models often focus on charging for support and customization. Is there an economic model that can demonstrate the true worth of a piece of software and the option for support, maintenance, and upgrades? Robert Lefkowitz argues that open source exposes the true value of software itself as, essentially, worth less in comparison to support and maintenance.

Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution (10 tags)
As he follows the business world of movies and music, Tim O'Reilly draws upon his own publishing experience and comments on the current controversy over digital file sharing.

The Case Against Micropayments (5 tags)
With P2P providing a way to share or sell computer cycles, disk space, and bandwidth, micropayments -- those never-quite-ready-for-prime-time low-value transactions -- seemed prime to make a comeback. Forget about it. Micropayments won't ever work for one simple reason: users hate them.

The Commons Doesn't Have a Business Plan (4 tags)
The commons used to be a grassy area in the center of town where anyone could graze animals. Now it's a metaphor for anything available to everyone without restriction. Andy Oram argues that this is the ground from which new businesses spring--and that open source and free software are the wellspring for new software and technology.