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What Is Jetty (9 tags)
Of course Tomcat is the first Java application server you think of, but is it the right tool for every job? The open source Jetty serves up JSPs and servlets in just a fraction of the memory needed by other app servers and is designed for easy embedding in other applications and non-traditional Java environments. Ethan McCallum takes a look at the big things in this small package.

Homemade Embedded BSD Systems (6 tags)
BSD runs nicely on older PCs, but they can be noisy and time-consuming to set up. Worse yet, the hardware may be at the end of its life. Is there a better alternative to dedicated (and closed) hardware devices? Michael Lucas demonstrates using BSD on a low-power, low-fuss Soekris box.

Embedded Java (3 tags)
Java's strong appeal for embedded applications is sometimes offset by concerns about its speed and its memory requirements. However, Vincent shows you techniques to use for boosting Java performance and reduce memory needs.

Embedded Databases (2 tags)
Every serious program needs data, but not every serious program needs a full-blown relational database server backend. You're not stuck to reading, parsing, and writing flat-files forever, though. Phillip Janert explores three types of embedded databases that are easy to install, use, and distribute.

Black Box with a View (2 tags)
Embedded systems aren't all Linux; microcontrollers still dominate the scene. Erstwhile hardware hackers, rejoice! The tools for programming microcontrollers work just fine under Linux. George Belotsky starts a series on embedded development by demonstrating what you have to do to make Hello World run.