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Secure RSS Syndication (104 tags)
Joe Gregorio hacks a Greasemonkey script to make his browser decrypt a Blowfish-encrypted RSS channel on the fly.

PHP's Encryption Functionality (21 tags)
Encryption and hashing allow you to secure and verify data. W. J. Gilmore introduces encryption functions and hashing methods available to PHP.

Encrypting Connection Strings in Web.config (5 tags)
One of the best practices in ASP.NET is to save your database connection strings in the Web.config file instead of hard-coding it in your code. It's not such a good idea to save your connection strings as plain text in Web.config – you should ideally encrypt the connection strings so it leaves no chance for a potential hacker to easily get more information about your database server. In ASP.NET 2.0, Microsoft has taken this further by allowing you to encrypt the connection strings in Web.config, all without much plumbing on your part. In this new article by Wei-Meng Lee, he shows you how it works!

Creating Your Own CA (4 tags)
Rob Flickenger, author of O'Reilly's recently released Linux Server Hacks, shows you how to establish your own SSL Certificate Authority using OpenSSL and a utility called

How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X (3 tags)
The latest version of Apple's Mail app, included with the Panther upgrade, supports S/MIME security and encryption. But how do you go about getting a certificate and taking advantage of this feature? François Joseph de Kermadec shows you how, step by step.