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Python Standard Logging (2 tags)
Tracking down what your application does seems easy; just add a few print statements here and there. Unfortunately, effectively tracing a program is more difficult. That's where Python's standard logging module comes in. Jeremy Jones demonstrates how to make it work for you.

The Mustang Meets the Rhino: Scripting in Java 6 (2 tags)
Among Java SE 6's key features is the ability to mix scripting languages into Java code, thanks to the implementation of the JSR-223 spec. In this article, John Ferguson Smart takes a look at the spec and what it means for Java, and shows how to use Java 6's integrated Rhino implementation to call JavaScript from Java...and vice versa.

Query Census Data with RDF (2 tags)
In his second Hacking Congress column, Joshua Tauberer shows us how to query open data from the U.S. Census Bureau using RDF and Python's RDFLib.

Top Ten Tips for Developing ColdFusion Components (2 tags)
ColdFusion Components, or CFCs, are a new construct in ColdFusion MX that allow you to move from totally procedural development to a more object-oriented approach. Because this represents a new paradigm for many ColdFusion developers, Robert Brooks-Bilson, author of Programming ColdFusion MX, 2nd Edition, has assembled a list of tips to keep in mind when developing with CFCs.

Television Listings and XMLTV (2 tags)
On a quest to build a DIY personal video recorder, Kyle Downey gets to grips with XMLTV, a toolkit for screen-scraping TV listings data into XML.