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What Is a Pivot Table (18 tags)
Pivot tables are a hidden gem in Excel. While many otherwise experienced spreadsheet users avoid them because they seem too complicated at first glance, the real problem is that pivot tables are rarely explained properly. This article illuminates how your life will be better when you learn to use pivot tables, then walks you through how to build a basic pivot table.

Opening Microsoft File Formats to Java (13 tags)
Microsoft's file formats were once black arts to developers on non-sanctioned platforms. Thanks to Jakarta POI, however, it's possible to read and write them from Java. Apache's Andrew C. Oliver and Avik Sengupta explain the basics of the project in the first of a series of three articles.

Getting Real-Time Data from the Web in Excel (7 tags)
Did you know that you can use Excel for more than just storing and organizing static data? In this article, Matthew MacDonald, author of Excel: The Missing Manual, shows you how to use Excel as a tool to handle up-to-the-minute information like sales figures and currency exchange rates.

Top Ten Excel Annoyances (5 tags)
Excel Annoyances author Curt Frye claims that the "the river of Excel annoyances runs deep and treacherous," and we suspect that you might agree. In this article, Curt offers fixes for ten of the most common annoyances, giving you the paddle you need to stay afloat in the currents of your favorite spreadsheet.