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Windows XP File Sharing Mysteries: Part 1 (4 tags)
Confused by file sharing in XP? You're not alone. Mitch Tulloch brings you under the hood and shows you XP's secrets, in the first part of a two-part series.

Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution (3 tags)
As he follows the business world of movies and music, Tim O'Reilly draws upon his own publishing experience and comments on the current controversy over digital file sharing.

It Doesn't Pay to be Popular (2 tags)
When Glenn Fleishman made his book, Real World Adobe GoLive 6, available as a free download, he learned a hard lesson about the cost of bandwidth. But what if he could have used peer-to-peer file sharing or some other distributed method?

A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing (2 tags)
Musicans can be a very adaptable community, and many are looking at online music and file sharing differently than the companies that often contract with them. Miriam Rainsford explores issues of P2P, DRM, and copyleft licensing from her musician point of view.

Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac (2 tags)
Samba is one of the most successful open source projects around, and has been ported to Linux, various BSDs, and Darwin/Mac OS X. Currently it provides disk and print shares, acts as a WINS server, and performs NT4 primary domain controller duties. Jason Deraleau takes you inside Samba and shows you how to configure it on your Jaguar Macintosh.