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Calculating the True Price of Software (21 tags)
Businesses have long viewed support and maintenance as essential components of software. Open source business models often focus on charging for support and customization. Is there an economic model that can demonstrate the true worth of a piece of software and the option for support, maintenance, and upgrades? Robert Lefkowitz argues that open source exposes the true value of software itself as, essentially, worth less in comparison to support and maintenance.

Top 10 Online Investing Hacks Tips (2 tags)
Plucked from the pages of Online Investing Hacks, author Bonnie Biafore offers ten of the most important things you can do to improve your financial situation, and the tools that will simplify these tasks.

Tax Time: A Year-End Checklist of Accounting Tasks (2 tags)
Whether you handle your company's accounting yourself or hand off the major accounting tasks to an accountant, Bonnie Biafore provides a checklist of eight accounting tasks you'll want to complete shortly after the end of your fiscal year. Bonnie is the author of QuickBooks 2005: The Missing Manual.