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Introducing (17 tags)
Matt Biddulph introduces, the social bookmarks manager, by showing us how to interact with it programmatically via Python.

Stewart Butterfield on Flickr (11 tags)
Not even a year old and still in beta, Flickr is a revolutionary photo storage, sharing, and organization application boasting roughly 270,000 members. Richard Koman catches Flickr CEO Stewart Butterfield for a few words on what has made Flickr so revolutionary and where it may be headed.

Show Me the Code (4 tags)
Joe Gregorio returns with another Restful Web column, taking up the issue of designing a REST protocol for your application.

Bosworth's Web of Data (3 tags)
Google's Adam Bosworth's keynote at the 2005 MySQL Users Conference was a call to audience members to "do for information what HTTP did for user interface." The web was successful because it offered a simple, sloppy, standards-based, scalable platform, and the challenge is to take a database and do the same. Daniel Steinberg covered Bosworth's talk, and provides this report.

The Long View of Identity (3 tags)
Who are you online? Your digital identity is a complex bundle of information--not just what you say about yourself, but what other people say about you and how trustworthy they are. O'Reilly editor Andy Oram recently attended the Identity Mashup conference at Harvard Law's Berkman Center and reports on one of the most vital issues of privacy and usability on the internet.