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ASP.NET Forms Authentication - Part 1 (7 tags)
In many Web applications, there is a need to authenticate users to allow them access to different parts of a site based on their credentials. This article by Abel Banda shows you how you can do this in ASP.NET with Forms Authentication.

PHP Form Handling (6 tags)
If your PHP program is a dynamic web page (and it probably is) and your PHP program is dealing with user input (and it probably is), then you need to work with HTML forms. David Sklar, author of Learning PHP 5, offers tips for simplifying, securing, and organizing your form-handling PHP code.

XML Forms, Web Services and Apache Cocoon (3 tags)
Server side business logic is often invariant with respect to the client device. Ivelin Ivanov shows how the Cocoon XMLForm framework addresses the concern of separating the purpose from the presentation of a form, maximizing its reusability for a variety of client devices.

Form Validation (2 tags)
Don't waste your site visitors' time by allowing them to submit forms with incomplete information. Client-side form validation is instantaneous because it doesn't have to transmit any data. JavaScript catches any erroneous data the user enters before it goes anywhere.