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What Is Free Software (12 tags)
Today, free software is a large body of high-quality code on which much of the internet depends for critical functions. But free software is much more than a collection of programs. Karl Fogel examines free software under three different lights: as a political movement; as a programming methodology; and as a business model. Karl is the author of Producing Open Source Software.

The Ultimate Free Windows Toolkit (11 tags)
You don't have to spend a bundle if you want to keep your network and its servers in tip-top shape. Mitch Tulloch gives you the rundown on the best free tools you can find for system administrators.

What Is ClamXav (and do Mac users really need antivirus) (6 tags)
Do Mac users need virus protection? We believe yes. In this article F.J. introduces you to ClamXav, a free, open source antivirus application for Mac OS X. And as a bonus, we're including an interview with the developer who added the GUI to the excellent ClamAV engine to create ClamXav--Mark Allan.

Free and Open Source Software at the United Nations (4 tags)
Advances in technology have revolutionized the way people live, but the digital divide keeps vital technology out of third-world countries. As part of a series of initiatives to end global poverty by 2015, the United Nations is using, promoting, and creating free and open source software. David Boswell gives an overview of the plans and progress.

RMS: The GNU GPL Is Here to Stay (4 tags)
Though some in the open source world claim that the GPL is now unnecessary, RMS and the Free Software Foundation are still working night and day to promote the idea of software freedom. Part of that is a revision to the popular GNU General Public License. Federico Biancuzzi recently chatted with Richard Stallman about the goals and plans and successes of the GPL.