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Choosing a Language for Interactive Fiction (9 tags)
Retro gaming is hot, and what could be more retro than interactive fiction? If you pine for the days of white mailboxes, twisty little passages, and Babelfish all in your mind, perhaps you long to create your own interactive fiction world. Liza Daly starts down that path by explaining how to choose the right IF language.

Four Cool Ways to Use Neural Networks in Games (4 tags)
For games, neural networks offer some key advantages over more traditional AI techniques, yet they are among the least familiar techniques to many developers. The authors of AI for Game Developers offer four compelling examples of how neural networks can be applied in games--as controllers, for threat assessment, in actions like attacking or fleeing, and in anticipation of actions.

Scaling Games Up (2 tags)
This week we're talking about games. Big games. Amy Jo Kim talks about taking the lessons from game playing and applying them to your applications. Jane McGonigal talks about scaling up intimate two player games so that thousands of people can thumb wrestle. (DTF 04-18-2006: 27 minutes 49 seconds)

Checkmate XML (2 tags)
In John E. Simpson's first XML Tourist column, he leads us on a tour of the world of XML-based chess applications.