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Hacking Maps with the Google Maps API (110 tags)
Hari K. Gottipati introduces the Google Maps API and describes how to use it to build interactive mapping applications for the Web.

Google Your Site For Security Vulnerabilities (51 tags)
The fact that Google indexes pages you might never have known were public is both good and bad. It's good when you're searching for specialized or esoteric information. It's bad when Google indexes potential security vulnerabilities on your site. Nitesh Dhanjani demonstrates how to use the Google API to help identify your inadvertently shared secrets.

Google Your Desktop (46 tags)
Google your desktop and the rest of your file system, mailbox and instant messenger conversations--even your browser cache. The Google Desktop is your own private little Google server.

Writing Google Desktop Search Plugins (21 tags)
Google recently released the source code of Kongulo, a plugin for the Google Desktop Search utility. Kongulo is useful on its own, but it's even better as an example of how to write your own plugins for GDS. Jeremy Jones explores the code and explains how it interacts with GDS.

Build AJAX-Based Web Maps Using ka-Map (16 tags)
By using AJAX, Google's maps draw and zoom quickly, pan smoothly, and can be extended to display a wide variety of information. This article by Tyler Mitchell shows how to make similar AJAX-based web mapping sites using an open source toolkit called ka-Map. Tyler is the author of Web Mapping Illustrated.