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ESR: "We Don't Need the GPL Anymore" (45 tags)
During a recent Brazilian conference on free and open source software, hacker, writer, and speaker Eric Raymond stated that open source would see more rapid success if the GPL didn't make people nervous. Federico Biancuzzi recently interviewed ESR to gain more context for the statement and to explore these views more fully.

RMS: The GNU GPL Is Here to Stay (14 tags)
Though some in the open source world claim that the GPL is now unnecessary, RMS and the Free Software Foundation are still working night and day to promote the idea of software freedom. Part of that is a revision to the popular GNU General Public License. Federico Biancuzzi recently chatted with Richard Stallman about the goals and plans and successes of the GPL.

Open Source Licenses Are Not All the Same (2 tags)
As open source and the Internet continue to grow in popularity, more and more users and developers come into contact with open source code. Though the various licenses increase user rights somehow, they all do it in different ways and with different goals. Steve Fishman categorizes several popular licenses and explains their implications.

Working Without Copyleft (2 tags)
The GNU General Public License, which aims to keep code open and free, brings its own limitations on code. For these authors who are software developers, those restrictions led them to seek out other licenses and abandon copyleft.