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Constructing Web Services with the Globus Toolkit Version 4 (17 tags)
Grid computing allows you to combine processing, storage, databases, and other resources across a network, hiding the details from callers. As Birali Hakizumwami shows, the Globus Toolkit makes this easier by exposing the grid as a normal web service.

Distributed Tiger: Xgrid Comes of Age (3 tags)
In this first of two articles, Drew McCormack shows you how to set up a small Xgrid for testing purposes, submit simple jobs to the grid with the command line interface (CLI), and query their progress. The second article will be a Cocoa Tour de Force, involving new Tiger technologies like Automator and Core Image, in addition to Xgrid.

Jini: Out of the Bottle and Into the Box (2 tags)
What if a Jini lookup service was available in every shipping JVM? Not just for enterprise applications - where Jini is a natural fit - but also in every J2SE and J2ME distribution. Jini is Java's secret weapon.

The XSLDataGrid: XSLT Rocks Ajax (2 tags)
Lindsey Simon describes XSLDataGrid, an approach to dynamic display of tabular data using XSLT and Ajax.