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Using the Gtk Toolkit with Mono (4 tags)
As a cross-platform UI framework, Gtk allows you to develop graphical user interfaces for applications on Microsoft Windows, various flavors of Unix and Linux, and Mac OS X, without having to write OS-specific UI code. Because it is cross-platform and object-oriented, the Mono team decided to use Gtk as the basis for its UI framework. Gtk#, the C# wrapper for Gtk, is the result. Niel Bornstein, coauthor of Mono: A Developer's Notebook, shows you how to get started with Gtk#.

Data Munging with Sprog (3 tags)
Sprog is a graphical programming environment written in Perl, programmable by connecting components visually and setting their properties. Sure, you've heard that promise before--but Grant McLean demonstrates how to retrieve and munge tabular data from a web page into LDIF files without writing a lick of code.