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Agile User Interface Development (15 tags)
Agile is a sea of change, refocusing software developers on quality and speed. Its impact on the practice of software development is already being compared to that of object-oriented design. However, one area of effort has been slow to change: development of the graphical user interface (GUI). The critical question: how do you do test-first GUI development? Paul Hamill, author of Unit Test Frameworks, discusses separating GUI elements into smart objects and thin view components and doing TDD of the smart objects.

Data Munging with Sprog (15 tags)
Sprog is a graphical programming environment written in Perl, programmable by connecting components visually and setting their properties. Sure, you've heard that promise before--but Grant McLean demonstrates how to retrieve and munge tabular data from a web page into LDIF files without writing a lick of code.

Making Menus with wxPerl (9 tags)
Perl's a great general-purpose programming language. wxWidgets is a powerful GUI toolkit that manages attractive, native widgets on multiple platforms. wxPerl is the combination, and it's easy to use, once you understand a few idioms. Roberto Alamos shows off everything you need to know to manage menus with wxPerl.

Automated GUI Testing (7 tags)
Automation is the friend of testing. If you can drive your program with a script, you can test it. How does that work with GUIs, though? In the Windows world, one solution is the Win32::GuiTest module. George Nistorica demonstrates how to use it.

Test-Driving X11 GUIs (7 tags)
Is GUI testing as difficult as it seems? Maybe not, with the right testing libraries. George Nistorica shows what X11::GUITest can and can't do to make your Unix and Unix-like applications more robust.