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Hacking Maps with the Google Maps API (6 tags)
Hari K. Gottipati introduces the Google Maps API and describes how to use it to build interactive mapping applications for the Web.

Registry Hacks for Servers (6 tags)
Need to bend Windows Server 2003 to your will? Mitch Tulloch offers great Registry hacks that will help you get more out of your servers.

Hacking iTunes (4 tags)
Niel Bornstein, Mono and C# hacker extraordinaire, returns with a look at Apple's iTunes service and XML vocabulary, connecting iTunes to Google and Amazon.

Automating Windows Applications with Win32::OLE (4 tags)
Many Windows applications are surprisingly automable through OLE, COM, DCOM, et cetera. Even better, this automation works through Perl as well. Henry Wasserman walks through the process of discovering how to automate Internet Explorer components to automate web testing from Perl.