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Hacking Open Office (9 tags)
Peter Sefton shows us how to use XML tools to hack Open Office file formats.

Art and Computer Programming (6 tags)
One of the great theoretical debates in computer programming is "Is programming art?" There are creative components certainly, and aesthetic aspects occasionally, but do programming's functional concerns push it more toward craft or engineering? John Littler recently cornered several well-known hackers for their opinions on the subject.

Hacking Maps with the Google Maps API (5 tags)
Hari K. Gottipati introduces the Google Maps API and describes how to use it to build interactive mapping applications for the Web.

Mac Security: Identifying Changes to the File System (5 tags)
Black-hat hackers often use a bundle of tools called a rootkit to secure access to your machine and cover their tracks. When working on your computer, they need to store files and be sure that you will not stumble across them and get suspicious. Peter Hickman explains how this works.

Netcat and Reverse Telnet (4 tags)
The venerable Unix utility cat has all sorts of uses, but it's limited to the local machine. Enter Netcat, a network-aware cat. KIVILCIM Hindistan introduces the Swiss Army Knife of networking.