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Building the Perfect Budget PC, Part 1 (13 tags)
You can build a powerhouse system without breaking the bank. In this first part of a two-part article, Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson, authors of Building the Perfect PC, show you which components to buy.

What Is FireWire (and How Best to Use It) (9 tags)
FireWire is a high-speed, data serial interface that has many practical uses. In this article, you'll learn the ins and outs of this powerful technology, plus some inside tips to take advantage of its unique features.

Use Your Digital Camera with Linux (8 tags)
With the holidays over, it's time to pause, reflect, and clean up a bit. Why not download the photos from your digital camera? Don't worry, it's easy under Linux. Robert Bernier demonstrates the killer combination of gphoto2, ImageMagick, and digiKam.