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A Plan for Pugs (9 tags)
Want to write actual working Perl 6 code? A month ago, it would have been difficult. What a difference February made. Autrijus Tang and a loyal cadre of Perl and Haskell people have developed an amazingly complete Perl 6 implementation in a few short weeks. chromatic recently caught up with Autrijus on #perl6 to learn more about the project.

Perl Internationalization and Haskell: An Interview with Autrijus Tang (4 tags)
Self-proclaimed "Net activist, artist, and anarchist" Autrijus Tang will be a featured speaker at this October's EuroOSCON. He discusses one of his conference topics--Haskell--extensively in this interview with O'Reilly Network. Autrijus also covers Gettext bindings, Perl internationalization tools, CPAN, and more in this wide-ranging conversation.

What I Hate About Your Programming Language (2 tags)
Choosing a programming language is rarely ever as easy as making a list of features and choosing the best ones. Like programming, it can be messy and opinionated. Every language has its own philosophy, and whether that fits your own mind is often a matter of taste.