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Programming is Hard, Let's Go Scripting... (32 tags)
Larry Wall's annual State of the Onion describes the state of Perl, the language and the community. In his 11th address, he discussed the past, present, and future of scripting languages, including the several dimensions of design decisions important to the development of Perl 6.

Historical Maps Online (11 tags)
David Rumsey writes about his collection of more than 150,000 historical maps of the Americas and the world, many of which he has made available free to the public in an online map library. At O'Reilly's Where 2.0 Conference David will draw on his personal map collection, as well as his work with geographic information systems, to discuss how information of all kinds has been mapped and will be mapped in the future.

Memories of 20 Years of Perl (9 tags)
The Perl community just celebrated the 20th anniversary of Perl. Here are some stories from Perl hackers around the world about problems they've solved and memories they've made with the venerable, powerful, and still vital language.

A Look Back at 10 Years of OSI (5 tags)
It's been 10 years since the Open Source Initiative was launched, and what a 10 years it has been. Open Source has gone from an obscure and radical concept to a vibrant sector of the software landscape. For the 10th Anniversary, our faithful newshound Federico Biancuzzi talked to some of the early pioneers of the OSI (such as Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond) about where it came from and how it is relevant today.

What Is RSS (4 tags)
In Mark Pilgrim's inaugural Dive Into XML column, he reviews the history and technical details of the varieties of RSS on the Web. He also describes a method for parsing most active RSS feeds.