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Parsing iCal Data (15 tags)
Perl's suitability as a glue language allows you to connect two applications that wouldn't normally communicate by translating their data files between formats. It's especially nice when these are open file formats. Robert Pratte shows how to parse iCal data files--as used in Apple's iCalendar program--and visualize them using the open source Dot graphic package.

Read iCal Data with Ruby (12 tags)
Apple doesn't provide any APIs to read iCal's data, but you can do it yourself. This article presents a Ruby module to read iCal data and use in your own Ruby applications, including complete Cocoa applications written with RubyCocoa. In addition you'll learn how to read iCal data in any programming language you desire.

Serve Your iCal Calendars Using WebDAV (11 tags)
Apple is more than happy to host your iCal calendars via its Dot-Mac service. But you can serve your own calendars, and even have them automatically update subscriber versions, by using WebDAV. Erik Ray shows you how.

Flexible OmniOutliner (9 tags)
By name alone, an application designed to create outlines doesn't stir the imagination. But OmniOutliner is more than its name implies. With it, you can organize and prepare information for your iPod, iCal, MS Word, and even Keynote. Giles Turnbull gives you the tour.

Transforming iCal Calendars with Java (3 tags)
You can store your iCal calendars on your iPod and check your appointments while enjoying music. But todo items from iCal don't synch, unless you change them to events. Daniel Steinberg shows you how to get todos on your iPod using a little Java 1.4.1.