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The Long View of Identity (24 tags)
Who are you online? Your digital identity is a complex bundle of information--not just what you say about yourself, but what other people say about you and how trustworthy they are. O'Reilly editor Andy Oram recently attended the Identity Mashup conference at Harvard Law's Berkman Center and reports on one of the most vital issues of privacy and usability on the internet.

Identity 2.0 Gathering: Getting to the Promised Land (19 tags)
The "identity gang" (Doc Searls, Phil Windley, Drummond Reed, and Kaliya Hamlin) has been meeting informally at tech conferences during the past year, but the time has arrived for diving deeper into the different proposed protocols (and the philosophies behind how their architects built them). Kaliya, a.k.a. Identity Woman, shares her perspective on identity and invites people to join her and the rest of the gang at the Internet Identity Workshop, October 26-27, in Berkeley, California.

Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity (13 tags)
Hibernate has one set of ideas about how to make something unique, such as using a database sequence number as an ID. But this clashes with Java's need for implementations of equals() and hashCode() that determine identity for objects, even those that haven't yet made a trip to the database and thus can't have a sequence number. James Brundege has an option that should satisfy both Hibernate and Java.

SAML 2: The Building Blocks of Federated Identity (9 tags)
Paul Madsen reports on the developments in web services security, including a new major release of SAML, which provides the basis for building federated identity.

Identity Management Architectures and Digital Identity (6 tags)
Building an identity management infrastructure requires a strategy; one that takes into account not only the technology, but the politics and economics surrounding digital identity. Phil Windley calls such a strategy an identity management architecture, or IMA. Here, he defines what an IMA is, and discusses the key components and myths to developing one. Phil is the author of O'Reilly's Digital Identity.