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Inside the XML Metabase of IIS 6 (7 tags)
IIS's metabase is now an XML file instead of the binary file of earlier versions. Mitch Tulloch, author of Windows Server Hacks, gives you a bird's-eye view of how it's organized, and how to get the most out of it.

IIS7 Revealed (3 tags)
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has evolved over the years from a simple web server to a full-fledged application hosting platform. What's next for IIS? Mitch Tulloch interviews Microsoft IIS Evangelist Brett Hill, who gives you a road map to the future.

Best Windows Admin Downloads (3 tags)
There are more than 9,000 tools, templates, white papers, and other items available from the Microsoft Download Center. Which are the best for Windows administrators? Mitch Tulloch clues you in.

Inside IIS 6 (2 tags)
With the release of Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has made significant changes in how IIS works. Mitch Tulloch brings you up-to-speed on what's new, and gives you insider tips on how to take advantage of it.

Configuring Tomcat with IIS Web Server (2 tags)
In this installment of Using Tomcat, James Goodwill continues his discussion of the JK1.2 connectors with a turotial on configuring Tomcast with Microsoft's IIS server.