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Advanced Text Indexing with Lucene (3 tags)
Lucene is a free text-indexing and -searching API written in Java. In the second of a series of articles, Otis Gospodnetic explains the structure of Lucene indices and introduces several advanced techniques to improve the performance of text-indexing applications.

Introduction to Text Indexing with Apache Jakarta Lucene (2 tags)
Lucene is an immensely popular free text indexing and searching API written in Java. In this first of a series of Lucene articles, Otis Gospodnetic explains how to get started with Lucene, introducing the project and its indexing capabilities.

Find What You Want with Plucene (2 tags)
Plucene is a Perl port of the Java Lucene search-engine framework. In this article, we'll look at how to use Plucene to build a search engine to index a web site.

MP3 Sound Bites (2 tags)
Jon Udell demonstrates an MP3 clipping service he wrote to enable quotations of sound bites, in this second installment of his Prime-Time Hypermedia column.

MySQL FULLTEXT Searching (2 tags)
Storing text in your database is handy, but searching can be a pain. MySQL's FULLTEXT search can save your sanity. Joe Stump demonstrates how it works and gives several ideas on how to use it in your own applications.