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What Are Topic Maps (3 tags)
An introduction to XML Topic Maps, an XML standard that can be used to index and capture relationships between concepts, improving the findability of information.

Big Lists in Small Spaces (2 tags)
After a long hiatus, our Sacré SVG columnist, Fabio Arciniegas, returns with a technique for displaying large lists or trees of information in small spaces.

Using libferris with XML (2 tags)
The libferris library is a hierarchical data interface, providing uniform access to relational data, XML and the filesystem. This article explores the possibilities of its use with XML.

What Is XSLT (2 tags)
Part One of's series on the W3C's Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation technology, written by XSLT instructor G. Ken Holman.

Delve into DEVONthink (2 tags)
DEVONthink Professional 1.0 has hit the streets, providing Mac users with a great opportunity to organize their thoughts. Giles Turnbull takes you on a insightful tour of what some people call a great snippet archiver, and others consider a full-blown reading and research tool.