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Inventing the Future (5 tags)
What does Tim O'Reilly see today that the world will be writing about (and the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs chasing) in the years to come?

Inside Odeo with Evan Williams (3 tags)
Now that iTunes 4.9 has cast an even brighter light on podcasting, you might be interested in learning more about Odeo, the podcasting service from Noah Glass and Evan Williams (creator of Here's an inside look at Odeo, as described by Williams himself.

The Commons Doesn't Have a Business Plan (3 tags)
The commons used to be a grassy area in the center of town where anyone could graze animals. Now it's a metaphor for anything available to everyone without restriction. Andy Oram argues that this is the ground from which new businesses spring--and that open source and free software are the wellspring for new software and technology.