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Very Dynamic Web Interfaces (30 tags)
Drew McLellan explains how to use XMLHTTPRequest and Javascript to create web applications with very dynamic, smooth interfaces.

Sarissa to the Rescue (2 tags)
Want to build very dynamic web interfaces like Google? Then you'll need to manage cross-browser XML compatability issues. And you'll need Sarissa.

A Design Approach for the Geospatial Web (2 tags)
Julian Bleecker describes a design approach for location-based services that is used in projects underway at USC's Mobile Media Lab. At O'Reilly's Where 2.0 Conference, Julian will be taking part in a panel discussion on the secrets behind good social mobile applications and the obstacles they face in the real world.

The State of Computer-Human Interaction (2 tags)
From the practical experiments and reports on the cutting edge of UI design to the crazier ideas, like the paper on an edible positive-feedback UI for programmers, CHI 2005 offered attendees plenty of meaty topics to sink their collective teeth into. Quinn Norton reports on CHI 2005, the annual meeting of the Association for Computer Machinery's special interest group on Computer-Human Interaction.