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Using IPFW Rulesets with BSD Firewalls (6 tags)
The IPFW firewall comes with FreeBSD, but its documentation isn't entirely clear. Dennis Olvany demonstrates how to create and maintain IPFW rulesets to keep you secure but also to prevent network outages during updates.

Exploring the Mac OS X Firewall (3 tags)
Like so many tools built in to Mac OS X, the firewall just works. But what is really going on inside it? Peter Hickman explains why the firewall works so well, and then takes you inside and shows you how to fiddle with things. In the end, he returns you safely to the default settings.

Monitoring IPFW Logs (3 tags)
Dru Lavigne shows us how to monitor ipfw logs and more importantly how to deal with what we find.

BSD Firewalls: IPFW Rulesets (2 tags)
Dru Lavigne explains how to create IPFW firewall rules.

BSD Firewalls: IPFW (2 tags)
Building a firewall? Dru Lavigne gets you started with an IPFW firewall on FreeBSD.