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Output Like a Pro with iPhoto 5 (11 tags)
Earlier I discussed how iPhoto 5's RAW capability lets you input like a pro. But some of its new output features are quite sophisticated, too. Here's a look at how to create sophisticated slideshows and QuickTime downloads using only iPhoto 5.

Movies Made Easy in iPhoto 5 (7 tags)
One of the best features in the current crop of consumer digital still cameras is their ability to capture high-quality video. iPhoto 5 is in step with this evolution and provides a great environment for taking those snippets and creating real movies. Derrick Story shows you how.

A RAW Look at iPhoto 5 (6 tags)
Apple overhauled much of iPhoto in version 5 and presented photographers with a more robust tool for managing their media files. Derrick Story looks at importing existing iPhoto libraries, using the new editing tools, and working with RAW and QuickTime files. Image samples of RAW comparisons are included.

Automated Web Photo Galleries with iPhoto and Perl (4 tags)
If iPhoto is working nicely as your digital shoebox, but you want to automate the process of creating web galleries for your own server, here's a nifty setup using Sendmail, MySQL, and Perl. Mike Schienle, who specializes in task automation for a living, shows you the system he designed for his wife, who is an avid photographer.