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Top Ten Tricks and Tips for New IRC Users (10 tags)
Millions of people around the world use IRC to chat with friends and family or to collaborate on projects, but if you're new to IRC you may be intimidated by its unfamiliar look and feel. Paul Mutton, author of IRC Hacks, presents ten tips and tricks--from advice on picking the right client for your needs to good IRC etiquette--that will get you on the road to becoming an everyday IRC user.

Build Your Own AIM Answerbot (10 tags)
The easiest way to solve a thorny problem is to ask a guru... yet when you don't have access to a resident expert just across the office, what can you do? IRC bots solve this problem -- if you have access to IRC. Robert Treat redeployed that idea within his company across AIM with a bit of Perl, a database full of answers, and a couple of hours of time.

In-Room Chat as a Social Tool (5 tags)
This fall, I hosted a two-day brainstorming session for 30 or so people on the subject of social software. In addition to the usual "sit around a big table and talk to each other" format, we set up an in-room chat channel accessible over the WiFi network which created a two-channel experience -- a live conversation in the room, and an overlapping real-time text conversation.

IRC Text to Speech with Java (2 tags)
Paul Mutton creates a multi-platform IRC bot that uses the FreeTTS Java speech synthesizer library to convert IRC messages into audible speech. Why would you want to use an IRC text-to-speech system? By reading out messages as they arrive, you can keep working, diverting your attention to IRC only when necessary. Paul is the author of IRC Hacks.

A Survey of Open Source Apps Available for Mac OS X (2 tags)
Mac OS X has certainly benefited from open source software--both inside the OS itself and running on top of the platform. In this article, John Littler surveys standalone apps and package systems to provide you with an overview of open source software for your Mac.