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Making Movies with the Apple iSight (13 tags)
Online conferencing is great, but what else can you do with your new iSight? Actually, quite a bit. In this first installment of an ongoing series, Derrick Story shows you how to make professional-looking QuickTime movies with just an iSight and some very inexpensive software.

Digital Photography Hack: A Hands-Free Shooting Rig (4 tags)
Here's how to build a hands-free photography rig using an iSight, a Bluetooth headset, a backpack, and a dash of AppleScript that enables you to capture images on the go by simply speaking, "Take shot." Romain Guy shows you how to build it.

More iSight Video Tricks (3 tags)
Lots of good things have happened since I wrote Making Movies with the iSight, in which I explained how to use QuickTime Broadcaster with Apple's new webcam. In this article I'll show you new iSight video tricks and easier ways to make movies than with Broadcaster.