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Java 2ME and MIDP Development (16 tags)
John Muchow shows how the Java 2ME and MIDP can be used to develop simple cell phone applications.

Low Bandwidth SOAP (6 tags)
Using web services on low resource J2ME devices is possible through's KSOAP classes. This article shows you how to create lightweight web service clients and servers.

What's J2ME? (6 tags)
Dan Tauber introduces the Java 2ME platform by building a Palm OS application.

MIDP GUI Programming, Part 2 (4 tags)
This is the second in a series of excerpts from Chapter 5 of Learning Wireless Java. It discusses how the various classes in the high-level MIDP API can be used to create GUI components.

The Mobile Information Device Profile and MIDlets, Part 1 (4 tags)
This is the first of a five part book excerpt series based on O'Reilly's J2ME in a Nutshell by Kim Topley. Part one is an overview of the Mobile Independent Device Profile and the MIDP Java platform.