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Company-Wide Instant Messaging with Jabberd (38 tags)
Instant messaging is becoming as valuable a business tool as email, the telephone, or the computer. While public networks are free (but not under your control) and private installations are under your control (but expensive), you can easily run your own secure, free server using the open standards of the Jabber protocol. Oktay Altunergil shows how to install and configure jabberd and to integrate it into an existing business directory system.

Is Jabber's Chatbot the Command Line of the Future? (8 tags)
Here's a look at bots, those programs-with-character that hang around in chat channels and amuse, help, and generally make our day a little more pleasant. Included is an introduction to ChatBot, beloved of the participants in the Jabber Developer's room "jdev", which is hosted on

Installing the Jabber Server (2 tags)
In this chapter from O'Reilly's "Programming Jabber" book, D.J. Adams tells how to get and install a Jabber server for instant messaging and file transfer.