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JDBC 4.0 Enhancements in Java SE 6 (8 tags)
Java SE 6 (aka Mustang) brings with it a new set of improvements to the JDBC API for accessing databases. Improvements include support for the RowID interface, better exception handling, annotation-based queries, and (finally!) and end to the clumsy Class.forName() system of loading database drivers. In this article, Srini Penchikala tours the major features of JDBC 4.0.

The Mustang Meets the Rhino: Scripting in Java 6 (2 tags)
Among Java SE 6's key features is the ability to mix scripting languages into Java code, thanks to the implementation of the JSR-223 spec. In this article, John Ferguson Smart takes a look at the spec and what it means for Java, and shows how to use Java 6's integrated Rhino implementation to call JavaScript from Java...and vice versa.