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Configuring Eclipse for Remote Debugging (24 tags)
Debugging a server-side application? You probably don't want to dig through the log files and wonder what happened. Instead, you can run your server application in debug mode and attach to it with Eclipse, bringing the IDE's powerful debugger to bear on the remote application.

Migrating a WebLogic EJB Application to JBoss (23 tags)
WebLogic and JBoss both offer powerful and popular EJB servers, but they're not completely compatible: an application deployed on one won't immediately deploy on the other. In this article, Deepak Vohra shows how to alter the deployment descriptors to make the migration.

Clustering with JBoss 3.0 (19 tags)
For scalability and reliability, many Java developers look to their app server's clustering features. This article takes a look at clustering in the open source JBoss app server.

Aspect-Oriented Programming and JBoss (9 tags)
Is aspect-oriented programming (AOP) the OOP of the oughts? It promises to apply common behavior across different object models. Bill Burke and Adrian Brock explore AOP by example in a JBoss application.

Introducing JBoss Remoting (8 tags)
With JBoss World 2005 a week away, JBoss has introduced a new remoting framework. Before you say "another one?" John Mazzitelli hopes you'll take a look at JBoss Remoting, which rids you of RMI-style skeletons and stubs, and offers flexibility and extensibility on both the client and server sides.