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JDBC 4.0 Enhancements in Java SE 6 (22 tags)
Java SE 6 (aka Mustang) brings with it a new set of improvements to the JDBC API for accessing databases. Improvements include support for the RowID interface, better exception handling, annotation-based queries, and (finally!) and end to the clumsy Class.forName() system of loading database drivers. In this article, Srini Penchikala tours the major features of JDBC 4.0.

Making the Most of JDBC with WebRowSet (20 tags)
Database to XML and back again. If everyone's doing some or all of this, then shouldn't we write it once, get it right, and standardize? JDBC 3.0's WebRowSet offers a profound increase in power over the old ResultSet. Sharad Acharya shows you what's possible.

Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer (6 tags)
It's 2005 and you're using Eclipse. Should you still be creating your database tables and seeding them with data by hand, from an SQL command-line utility? Deepak Vohra introduces the SQLExplorer plugin for Eclipse, which allows you to put a GUI on your development-time database access.

Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity (5 tags)
Hibernate has one set of ideas about how to make something unique, such as using a database sequence number as an ID. But this clashes with Java's need for implementations of equals() and hashCode() that determine identity for objects, even those that haven't yet made a trip to the database and thus can't have a sequence number. James Brundege has an option that should satisfy both Hibernate and Java.

Database Connection Pooling with Tomcat (4 tags)
You know how to open and use database connections for each user, but what about optimizing for many concurrent users? Rather than creating and destroying connections over and over again, established practice calls for use of a pool of connections that can be reused. Kunal Jaggi shows how to implement this strategy in Tomcat.