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Jini: Out of the Bottle and Into the Box (10 tags)
What if a Jini lookup service was available in every shipping JVM? Not just for enterprise applications - where Jini is a natural fit - but also in every J2SE and J2ME distribution. Jini is Java's secret weapon.

How to Talk About Jini, J2EE, and Web Services at a Cocktail Party (6 tags)
Heard about distributed technologies for Java, but not sure what they are or why they're important? Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, authors of Head First Java, 2nd Edition, present this cocktail-party overview. Hold your own in conversation with Java geeks.

Using Jini to Build a Catastrophe-Resistant System (5 tags)
Sept. 11 caught the IT departments of several firms without timely backups. To the author, the tragedy made clear the need for self-healing, distributed systems that could survive the unthinkable. The article describes such a system, based on Sun's Rio technology.